If you're having brunch with us you can go bottomless for +£25pp over two hours (from 10am until 6pm)

Italian frizzante, peach liqueur and orange juice

Serata Rum Punch
Over-proof and dark rums, cherry bitters & fresh mint

Italian Fizz

Choice of juices


Toast with Avocado
Avocado, feta, chilli, roast tomatoes, lemon and nut dukkah / £9.5

Blackberry & Ricotta Toast
Blackberries, ricotta, strawberries, almonds, honey and mint / £10

Beetroot Gnocchi (vegan)
Pistachio pesto, walnuts, rocket and sage / £12

Truffle Tagliatelle
Gorgonzola, walnuts, mushrooms, truffle oil, salsa di nosy and thyme / £13

Slow Beef Rigatoni
12 hour slow beef ragu, parmesan and flat leaf parsley / £14

Chilli Hash Browns
Fried eggs, smokey tomatoes and rocket / £12

Vegan Fried Chicken
Green chilli sauce, spinach, watermelon and red chillies / £11

House Fried Chicken
Fried buttermilk chicken, hot mustard, watermelon and jalapeños / £11

Big Bacon Sandwich
Bacon, fried eggs, roast mushrooms & tomatoes with triple cooked chips &‘nduja ketchup / £13


Burrata, heritage tomatoes, rocket, pangrattato and gnocci fritto / £12

Pecorino & mint crocchettas and hot mustard / £6

Padron peppers and sea salt / £5

Rocket, fennel and roast garlic salad / £4

Zucchini fries and aioli / £5

Green olives / £5

Triple cooked chips with 'nduja ketchup / £4.5 / share £8



Mozzarella, tomato and basil / £10

Vegan Viking
Cashew cheese, pistachio pesto, red chillies, rocket and mint / £13

Green God
Roast squash, beetroot & broccoli, mozzarella, pistachio pesto, ricotta and kale / £12

Rock Star Margherita
Stracciatella, mozzarella, roast tomatoes, rocket and salsa verde / £13

Salame Toscana, red chilli, red & spring onions, mozzarella and Serata hot honey / £13

London Field
Chef’s meatballs, coppa, taleggio, gremolata and oregano / £14

The Hot Don
‘Nduja, finocchiona, birds eye & pickled chillies, hot red pesto and oregano / £15


Bresaola, pecorino, stracciatella, radish, rocket, lemon and rocket pesto / £13

Speck, wild mushrooms, taleggio, walnuts, salsa di noci and tarragon / £12 (egg + £1)

Smokey Bandit
Smoked pancetta & potato, truffle taleggio, mozzarella, lemon and sage / £13


Bag of bomboloni with local jam and Nutella / £5 / share £8 / table £10

Allergies? Ask our server for all allergen information. An optional service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill for eat in.